Choose from our more economical pewter crest insert model that features a raised metal traditional Air Force, Army, USMC or Navy insignia with unit/event customization on the rim or... develop your own exclusive customized 3D stopper of your own design handcrafted in 100% pewter.

Both versions have a dependable black rubber stopper that is totally reusable and will last a lifetime. No need to use those old corks anymore.  


With pewter crest insert or in sculpted 3D 



This wine stopper is topped with a raised metal insignia pewter crest. This pewter crest can be customized with your specific Unit/Event wording etched around the perimeter of the rim. Costs as follow:

100 - 249 stoppers  $8.50                              250 - 499...............  $7.95                            500 / more, call or for additional savings

Above costs do not include shipping or a $75 set up charge for any customized engraving on the rim of stopper

Please Note: Your pewter crest on the top of the stopper can be customized to order for an additional one time set up charge of $100. Colors can be added to your custom crest for an additional charge of  +$.35 per color (per stopper)

(Note: There is no set up charge for the 4 traditional crests shown above ) 

Design your own handcrafted customized to order pewter 3D wine stopper in any shape and/or with any wording around the rim perimeter  

100 - 249  $9.50

250 - 499  $8.95                

500 / more, call or email for additional savings

Above costs for do not include shipping or a one time set up charge of $400 for your one of a kind stopper and any customized wording around the rim of your stopper

Please Note: There would be no $400 set up charge for the USMC and Navy 3D stoppers shown above that are carried in stock. However, there would be a $75 set up for any custom wording around the rim of the stopper


To order or for more details for either special event wine stopper, call (773)7752040 or email:

IP25: Wine Stopper with Pewter Crest Insert

SPWS-3D:  Made to order wine stopper with 3D Custom designed Pewter Top