With 3D Pewter Crest



 100 - 249   $7.95 
 250 - 499   $7.75            500 / more, call for   additional savings

 Add color trim +$1

 Add second crest on reverse side  +$3 

For a custom pewter crest, minimum of 100 glasses and $150 one time set up charge

                                                    Embellishment Options 

  1 color print, full color wrap print or 3D pewter crest                               Customized to order

   Print or crest available on front and/or back of glass

                  Choice of clear or color trimmed glass

16 oz Pint Drinking Glass 

One color or full color print


100 - 249    $3.95                              250 - 499    $3.75                              500 / more, call for additional savings

Add color trim to bottom +$1

Add second one color print on back  +$1 

Full color custom front and back wrap print +$3 per glass 

Minimum of 100 glasses and one time $50 set up charge for one color print and one time set up charge of $100 for full color print

 Please Note: Special new customized embellishment option                            Combine a customized 3D pewter crest with customized one color or full color print 

Please call or email with details and shipping destination for a cost quote